Friday, August 26, 2011


One of the things "The Happiness Project" suggests is to have FUN.

Ok ... duh?

But then I got thinking about it and it seems like I sort of left all the crazy fun back in college... So what is fun for me? I tried to make a list, and sort of succeeded. Then I thought about what was fun as a kid, and got a much bigger list:

Doll Houses, Barbies
trees... fences... tops of playgrounds...
block castles, gingerbread houses, snow forts, tree forts, blanket forts, cake castles
Treasure hunts
(where we make the maps, complete with red X's and burning the edges)
Ice Dancing
Doing updoos
Planning tea parties

Just thinking about those things is exciting to me! But, how many of those things do I still do? I decided there are a couple: I love planning and having dinner parties. Dressing people up and doing their hair is a professional expertise, and I still thoroughly enjoy it. But those things both involve stress in varying quantities, and I think there ought to be some stress-free fun allowed.

Commitments? Maybe I should find some neighborhood kids to play with, lol. But in case I don't, I committed to build a Halloween gingerbread house this year, and find a good climbing tree in the neighborhood. And you know what? I'm a bit giddy with happiness just thinking about it! :D

P.S. I think just thinking about happiness all the time is a huge happiness-booster. I highly recommend the book! "The Happiness Project" --Gretchen Rubin

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