Friday, August 26, 2011


So as you know I've been reading about happiness. Who knew there are four stages of happiness? (like the 5 stages of grief, if you've heard of that). Gretchen Rubin does, and here's her list:

4 Stages of Happiness
Anticipate it
Savor it
Express it
Recall it

We all have heard the story about the kids who took all summer building their treehouse, and once it was done never played in it again, right? Well that's exactly what 'Anticipate it' means: Life is full of happiness along the journey, don't wait for the end to find joy in what you're doing!
Savor it: First, stop to recognize the beauty of day to day moments. Only then will you realize how great they are, savor them, and let that help you feel happy.
Expressing our happiness makes us happier, and spreads it around to others. Sometimes it even helps us with self-discovery: realizing we are happy.
Reminiscing... Do it! Reminiscing is a great way to be happy, by bringing up, sharing, and reliving those happy moments, and it is best done with other---share the joy. So I tried it with a group of friends from freshman year college. We're planning a reunion, and I mentioned the beloved brown couch we got for our apartment from the Thrift Store. No surprise that all of them have written back about our dear old brown couch, and laughing about it I'm sure!

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