Saturday, August 6, 2011

miserable god

Sometimes people, the human race, get me down. Sometimes they can be pretty lousy.

And then I wonder why a god would want to be the god of such beings anyway? Can’t be much fun.

It would be incredible to create worlds, nature, beautiful sunsets, delightfully intricate flowers and seeds… all so beautiful. But then humans? Even I glean immense joy from nature, as I imagine the god of creation does, but humans can be so cruel, so low, so selfish and unfeeling. Why would anyone WANT to be the god of such despicable beings?

They were supposed to be the god’s crowning creation. After making animals, which are beautiful in their own way but kill and eat each other to survive, he made humans, and gave them intelligence. They were supposed to be a step above animals, right?

Step above is right, I guess. Instead of just being able to kill physically, they figured out how to kill hearts and souls, too.

Wretched beings.

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  1. I must express sorrow for whatever you have experienced that has led you to this post. Enduring the wickedness of our brothers and sisters is difficult indeed, and has caused many men greater than ourselves to despair as you do.

    I must encourage you to wait until you have been a parent two years, then revisit this post. See how your feelings have changed when you have experienced incomparable emotions of the opposite persuasion.

    Though it is His own children that bring Him the misery, yet He has faith, hope, and charity for their sakes.