Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Big Girls' Club"

Last week I discovered the world of the "Big Girls' Club". The complementary counterpart of the"Mens Club" - that mysterious place where only men are allowed and I imagine socializing, relaxing, having a smoke and talking about politics are the main functions. Or for the younger not-so-buisnessmen guys, going to the gym might fill that role - socializing, exercising, feeling macho.

Well the Big Girls' Club has a female twist. I walk into an exercise dance class I'd been recommended to, and as we began warming up I began cluing in. It was while we were all lying on the floor doing reps of ab crunches...

...that I looked around me and the realization dawned on me that here, in fact, was a Big Girls' Club. We socialize, but mostly the point is to keep our bodies beautifully fit while looking and behaving beautifully feminine. --I guess I didn't expect to find that at a workout dance class. Silly me.

We arrive in chic workout clothes with beautiful hair and carry ourselves like beautiful dancers. We stretch, we run to warm up--aka beautiful stylized leaps across the floor-- critiquing our beautiful technique in the mirrors. We do ab workouts, but no way is there any grunting or moaning or making noise to get through all the reps, as I have so often been a part of in other workout groups. *chuckles* Oh no, here we are silent in our beauty, doing reps to the beat of the music playing. One looking in on us might think we were relaxing, for all the beauty and silence we displayed. But upon closer inspection I noticed the signs of actual exercise. As we lay on the floor stretching-- pulling our legs towards us, I could point out the girls who were working the hardest- their legs were shaking, almost seizure-like as they defied gravity and muscle tension and willed those legs to stretch even farther.

It was so bizarre.

All those beautifully manicured girls, lying in our beautifulness, shaking from physical exertion while never a peep was made. Well I take that back, at one point I grunted into my last sit-up, but immediately felt the awkwardness of the beautiful silence I had broken, lol. Welcome, my dear, to the "Big Girls' Club".

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