Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am.

I wrote this just after returning from a mission and having my lifestyle and values questioned, along with having a couple of boys on the mind... It was a somewhat turbulent time and I wanted to make a few things clear:

I am not mediocre. I am great.

I am not common. I am extraordinary.

I am not a common prize to be won. My worth goes far beyond the treasures of the earth.

I do not lead a normal or common life. I lead a tireless, hardworking, always-go-the-extra-mile kind of life.

I do not intend to be plaintiff, leisurely, lazy or lax. I intend to be diligent, disciplined, dedicated and devoted.

I do not settle for the average or the norm. I reach up, go beyond, I create a higher plane.

I am not a bystander, an on-looker, waiting to be given a place. I am a key player in the game, a runner in the race, I will stand up to create, fight for and defend my place.

I am not attached to this world. I am attached to the world beyond.

I am striving with all my might not to be superficial, frivolous or in need of the world’s affirmation. I will live within my means, save as much as possible, and look to God in all things.

I do not need luxury, expensive gifts or finery. I do need love, kindness, friendship and a listening ear.

I am not perfect, I do have frailties. At times I need encouragement to go on, to be patient and kind.

I do not intend to sit and putter through life. I dream big. I fulfill my dreams. And I want someone to dream big with me, to live our dreams together.

I recognize that the course I have chosen is not easy; I do not expect others to stay the same course. 

I do expect there to be one. And he will be as dedicated to the cause, as diligent in the journey, as determined to finish and as devoted to his covenants and our God. 

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  1. How motivating! I want to read this every morning as a battle standard. It reminds me of Moroni's Title of Liberty - I get the same feeling from reading this.