Monday, March 19, 2012

Seasons of Life: Roadmap

Going along with past posts on defining my identity and purpose in life, I wish to make an attempt at a “roadmap” of life. Because, “what is expected is never as overwhelming or frightening as the unknown.” 

Up to this point in my life there have been many physical and educational benchmarks which defined my life. But the body stops growing around 20 years old, and for the majority of the population, we leave educational institutions between the ages of 20-25. So what’s next? The next physical benchmark besides the slow accumulation of gray hairs will be obvious old age. I hope I still have a good 60 years before I am stooped over and not able to walk far on my own.  

60 years! What is my “roadmap” for that time?!?

I recall several years ago sitting in a Relief Society meeting, and four sisters were at the front singing a song about the seasons of our lives. The first was young, like me, unattached and off to glorious educational pursuits. The next was holding her small child, and tears made it impossible for her to finish her part of the song about “loving this season of my life.” An older woman put her arm around this young mother, helped her sing her part, and then began her own. The children were now grown, on missions and getting married. The last was a woman wizened with age and experience (why does our society not venerate these wrinkled, white-headed, and infinitely more knowledgeable than our younger-selves beings?).

Here is a very basic roadmap for life: young children, grown children, retirement. But I feel like more details would make that more satisfactory. I shall make an attempt at the "roadmap to life":

Young Adulthood
First Child
Young Children
Missions and University
Old Age