Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bucket list/ Life Goals/ Dreams...

I was in a seminar a week ago and was challenged to write out my dreams. They crazy, the impossible, the simple, all of them. Well I don't know if I'll ever get all of them out of the swirling river of my mind, but here is a good list.

Live a crazy lov'in life with the man of my dreams.
Be more in love in 25 years than we are now. :D That'll be year 2037. I'll be 50.
Raise happy kids, and have fun with them!
Have princess parties with little girls.
Play dress-ups often.
Run a MDT (music, dance, theatre) academy for children or teens.
Become a pianist, and an organist in my church
Play the French Horn with the Orchestra On Temple Square.
Backpack from Europe to China.
Visit Tahiti and Bora-bora.
Visit Sister Wu in China.
Be a missionary in China.
Live in China for a while, and become proficient in Chinese.
Live in Europe again, in France/Switzerland or Belgium. (French-speaking).
Visit Venice and tour more ruins in Rome.
Take a vacation where all we do is play and relax at the beach. Somewhere beautiful.
Learn to sail with my man and then do it!
Get my own red, convertible, VW bug.
Become a proficient interpreter.
Become a doula.
Learn to do renovations.
Hobby-farm: chickens, goats, maybe a cow.
Educate: Some of the things I am passionate about sharing with others are:

  • Temple Prep and understanding;
  • Educating women about our incredible bodies' functions 
  • Helping people heal from pornography- men and women, and awareness about the forms that ensnare women
  • History! The missing history of the Middle East in western curriculum.
  • Symbolism in Cathedrals- the offspring of temples

Change my nature. (Believe me, this is one of those impossibly crazy dreams that I strive to accomplish. I want to be calm and slow to anger, kind, generous and gentle by nature.) Well I already think I am, by nature, I just need to train those to be my first reactions, *chuckles*.

Successfully prepare for retirement.
Have a whole new list of dreams and plans when retirement time comes.
Serve a couple's mission.
Be a temple worker.
See Jesus.


  1. Awesome. In the true sense of the word. You are great and I love you and love that you shared this. I didn't know about the MDT academy, learning to sail, or the VW bug convertible. I can see you in it.

    You need to read "Education of a Wandering Man", by Louis L'amour. He was probably one of the most-educated men who have ever lived as far as the history of the whole globe (especially the "missing histories") and how it fits together, impacts itself, impacts individuals, and how people can learn to view it more accurately. I finished the book just this morning and am itching to be more like him. My next stop is "The Walking Drum", his historical novel. You might enjoy these books even more if you read them at the same time - I wish I had.

    I'd love some awareness about the forms of porn that ensnare women - you should do a post on it.

    Love you!

  2. Thanks, Bea! I'll check out that book, and I'll think about doing a post about pornography and women. It's a sensitive topic all around. What are your dreams?

    1. Marce! Please do the post about Women and pornography!! Or have you already? I am very interested in reading it.

      I wish I could sit down with you and just talk, share, and learn (mostly learn). Your dreams are so wonderful. I should write down some of mine.