Friday, April 6, 2012


  • I like scripture chains. I've done them for Christmas, but never for Easter, so when I found this one I thought it was great!  Enjoy, and Happy Easter! (Though I feel saying something like "Have a sacred Easter" would be more appropriate. :)

     Moses 1:39—God’s plan is to make immortality and eternal life possible for each of us.
  • • Isaiah 53:5–7—The Messiah will atone for our sins.
  • • Matthew 26:36–46—Jesus Christ suffers in Gethsemane.
  • • Luke 22:44 (or D&C 19:18)—Jesus Christ sweat great drops of blood.
  • • Psalm 22:16, 18—The wicked will pierce the hands and feet of the Savior. They will cast lots for his clothing.
  • • Luke 23:33–34, 46—Jesus Christ is crucified.
  • • Matthew 27:57–66—Jesus Christ is buried in Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb.
  • • Isaiah 25:8—The Savior will overcome death.
  • • Hosea 13:14—The Savior will redeem all of us from the grave.

    • Matthew 28:1–10—Jesus Christ is resurrected.

  • In the words of a favorite hymn: 
    Christ the Lord is Risen... Hallelujah!

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