Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I completed the general public schooling of elementary and high school.
I learned a trade.
I went to College and then finished my degree at a University.
I took French Horn lessons for 8 years.
I spent 18 months of intense emotional, educational, spiritual, societal, and conversational boot camp; what we LDS members like to call a "mission."
I've learned a couple couple of languages.
I feel like I've done a lot of learning so far in my life.

Memorizing was so difficult for me, before. The times tables were the bain of my public schooling existence.  Every math class, it seems, I needed to know those times tables, and usually the ones I hadn't managed to memorize- the 6's, 7's, and 8's, yuk. I still don't know them all. I diligently tried to memorize scriptures in Seminary, but inevitably the scripture references would escape me when I needed them. Names. I can always count on NOT being able to remember people's names. chuckles. Dates. I love history! Yet I am terrible at remembering dates! Only recently have I been able to put historical time-lines in order in my mind, especially when considering multiple civilizations.

Want to know what I'm getting at? It is this weirdly twisted and backwards timeline of Marcy's life: I'm done with the generalized public schooling expectations, and yet, right now, I feel more capable of learning than I ever have!

Why is that?

I feel like taking on the world! I read voraciously- money magazines and literature, investing markets, survival in the wilderness, political theories, stories, recent history and current events, I even picked up a book on birds in Edmonton--that's pretty weird for me, but I can honestly say I am interested in knowing the names of the birds I see. I want to tackle projects like learning to play the hymns on the piano, gardening, sewing, fixing the car, handyman type things around the house; nothing seems impossible to me. Why am I so confident about learning NOW? (And why couldn't confidence in learning have caught up with me earlier on in life? Like in third grade learning those times tables???)

In any case, I'm loving that learning still gets me so excited! I guess as a kid I figured that schooling-type learning ended with the visual ending of going to school. And I don't think I thought I'd be excited to keep learning and memorizing things after I finished that.  Glad to know that I get pumped up about learning still! But really, the most remarkable thing to me is that I feel so much more capable of learning, now.

(Maybe now I'll conquer those times tables. :D)

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