Thursday, May 10, 2012

Political Cartoons

I have been analyzing some political cartoons with a tutoring student, and then found myself really enjoying them! (Said student eventually fell asleep during that session, while I was glued to the screen... Ah, tutoring)

A sampling:

I hadn't realized that Dr. Seuss was a prolific political cartoonist. He does a good job, without dipping into crudeness.

This one is especially moving, I think because the statue is so familiar as a noble and proud figure, so the depicted change of mood is shocking. Besides that, we tend to immortalize Lincoln, and so thinking of him feeling like this about the state of our country sends daggers to the heart. (Although he probably felt that way plenty of times when he was alive).

I'm quite certain this is exactly what a bank is.

For analysis' sake, this is full of fascinating views. Republicanism and democracy are pitiless servants. What is Wall Street doing? The gold standard was the final blow? I have been learning what happened to currency once the dollar was taken off the gold standard, but I'm not yet familiar with the problems surrounding it. I realize this is not religion-sensitive, but after looking through pages of them, I realized that it does the job of being extreme enough to get the reader to care about the issues, which is the goal of a political cartoon, politically correct or no. (not that I condone that).

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