Friday, September 14, 2012

My Roots

I come from some pretty darn good roots.

There are simply too many stories to be told, here, so I will simply dedicate this post as a Thank You to my parents.

Here are some qualities I highly value which I have learned from my parents:

From My Father. 
And really believing they can come true. This principle woke my soul and gave me reason to be joyful about living every day!
Never give up. 
To always find new ideas, think of new solutions, and make new plans.
Love Lavishly.
Hard work. 
But still save time for family and hobbies.

From My Mother. 
Love of children and nature. 
She taught me how to notice and admire.
To love something bigger than oneself is empowering.
  From our very first phonics trains to times-tables flashcards, to learning a new hobby at 50 years old, she has taught me about education.
Amazing cook.
 I'm still working on this one, but I got a pretty good headstart in her kitchen and with her cookbooks.
Organized, I think. 
Knows how to CLEAN.

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