Sunday, October 21, 2012

Letter to Baby, #1

Dear Baby,
Someone told me that I should write letters to you. I don't take everyone's advice about baby stuff, but I have a few reasons for writing these letters to you. First of all I don't really want to post your ultrasound photos or my babybump photos on facebook. But I do want you to have them one day.

By the time you are born, my dear baby, our family will have been established for 2.5 years. Your daddy and I are very excited about you joining our family! I'll admit, though, that we're also a bit nervous. When you're born, that'll make us parents, and that is a big change for us!

When we first found out we were pregnant, we kept it to ourselves for a little while. Kind of like a sweet secret we could share just between us. Soon we made an announcement that you would be born, and I went to the doctor to get a look at you. Here is the first picture we have of you:

12 weeks
At twelve weeks you were still so tiny I couldn't feel you moving yet, nor did I look pregnant yet, so it was a surprise to see how wiggly you were! Through the ultrasound I got to watch you move around, and that was really neat for me. It made you seem much more real.

Here are two pictures from the ultrasound 6 weeks later. By this time I was getting a 'baby bump', but I hadn't felt you move around yet. Your dad got to come with you and I to this appointment, and watch the monitor while the doctor took a good look at you. It was so fun to see you moving around again! This time, the doctor mentioned that you were SO wiggly that she couldn't get some of the measurements she needed. That's when I thought this must be a trend, and you'd probably be a very active little person. The doctor also told us you are most likely a girl, though we'll have to wait until you're born to find out for sure.
18 weeks, #1
18 weeks, #2. I must say, baby of mine, you have a beautiful profile. :)

Here is a picture of me 5.5 months pregnant. I could feel you moving around all the time now, and  we're starting to think about things like making a bedroom for you, getting you clothes and diapers, and picking a name! For girl names, we have chosen Aurora or Emerald. Maybe Jade. Or maybe whatever seems right when you are born. For boy names, we like Thomas, 'Tommy', or maybe Timothy. We've thought more about girl names though. For some reason ever since we got married we've mostly talked about girl names. I guess we both just always thought we'd have a girl baby first.
Recently at Canadian Thanksgiving, your Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Minchin gave us some baby furniture and toys for you. Grandpa Minchin just got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and we're all praying for him. They are excited about their first great grandchild: you!

14 October 2012. 5.5 months/ 24 weeks.

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  1. Love it! And that really is a darling ultrasound picture at 18 weeks. Hope things continue to go well!!