Sunday, October 21, 2012

Letter to Baby, #2

21 October 2012
Lazy Sunday Morning

Dear Baby,

This morning was a special one, because it was the first time your daddy got to feel you move around! We were laying in bed just enjoying the long morning and sleeping in. I sort of groaned and Will asked me what was wrong. "Nothing is wrong, baby is just being really squirmy inside," I said. "Oh!" exclaimed Will, and he reached his hand over to my tummy. You continued to be quite squirmy, so he got to feel your little swimming motions several times. He asked me if he should poke back, if you'd be able to feel it. I said why not? So you two had a little round of peek-a-boo for while, Daddy poking and you poking back. He had a good laugh about that. 

Your soon-to-be Mother

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  1. !! What a great IDEA!!! Thank you so much for sharing this is what you're doing!! P.s. MUST take photo of both of us with our baby bellies soon! This is just too sweet to be pregnant with you!