Friday, October 19, 2012

Reflections on Sundays

Yesterday I was in an institute class (religion class), and the teacher asked if we like Sundays. The resulting conversation was fascinating to me, I guess because I'd never stopped to recognize how my perspective of Sundays has changed through the different seasons of my life so far.

My married-with-a-two-year-old  friend sitting next to me gave the expected Sunday-school answer, that she likes Sundays because it is a day to have all of her family together.

I'm sitting there thinking, with lots of enthusiasm, "I LOVE Sundays! Since I work Saturdays, Sunday is the only day I get to spend all day with my honey."

The other girl in the class, a younger university student, said with more hesitation that "it's a really busy day," meaning that it isn't really her favorite day. And I thought back to those crazy fun busy university days when I was single. Yeah, I had to agree with her. At that time in my life, Sundays were really busy. 

And then the teacher asked if youth love Sundays. And I thought back to my childhood and youth. The fights about what we could and couldn't do on Sundays, the activity stations my mom set up, the boring afternoons...

Ok so as a kid I probably wouldn't have said that Sundays were my favorite day of the week. As a youth I have some fun memories of watching 'church' movies or making treats on Sundays, but they still weren't my favorite day. And maybe they can't be for kids, who value time with friends as 'the most fun' or their 'favorite' thing to do.

What are ways you've found to make Sundays a special and enjoyable day for kids and youth, while still keeping it 'holy'?

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