Friday, November 23, 2012

Business doesn't have tantrums

I grew up among women. Stay at home moms, female teachers, female youth leaders, and later, five years worth of female college roommates. I learned many valuable things from these women, but there was one thing that was not so valuable. The art of complaining. Female moodiness. The 'adult' temper tantrum.

Only after I was married and entered a business-dominated world did I really discover (thank goodness!) the art of being 'chill'. Cool. Even tempered. I began to see that every problem has a solution, every difficulty has a healthy coping strategy, every argument can have a peaceful outcome. It is possible to deal with problems --even emotional ones-- calmly, rationally, and logically.  Recognizing the problem, or that there is a problem, is the huge first step.

Here is my business-world-influenced mental checklist when I'm facing a problem, a hormonal imbalance, or a difficult family member:
1. Recognize there is a problem. (Feelings of frustration are a big clue).
2. Mentally inform myself that "there is a problem," and remind myself that there is a calm solution. (Aka, no need to freak out). Yes, this step involves taking to myself. (Only crazy people don't).
3. Let it go. Don't care so much, or so strongly. If we females put as much energy into positive thinking as we do into our depressed/frustrated/angry musings, wow. I can't even describe how awesome that could be. Anyways I usually discover after an outburst that it really wasn't something worth getting fired up about.
4. Invite the other person to problem- solve with me.

Pregnancy Blues

Oh my! This has been a straight week of major highs and lows! If I wasn't pregnant, I would be seriously concerned about my mental health. But as it is, I try to keep laughing and remind myself that this is not ME, it is the alien wacko hormones waging war against my body and I can conquer them by laughing and smiling. And not saying backbiting mean things (*-*). Or being volcanically reactionary. Or getting overly frustrated about being ridiculously forgetful and confusing appointment times. (Gah).

Oh pregnancy...

One of the best tips I've ever received about pregnancy was when a friend told me how moody she was being one day, and burst out laughing about it. That is good advice. Laugh about it. :D Kind laughter makes most anything better!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The American Crisis

I've taken some excerpts from an article by Conrad Black, a Canadian National Post writer. His article is a bit of a summary of the Nov. 2012 election, and also a synopsis of the state of America today. I have been feeling more and more anxious these last few months about the state of the US's finances, and that no one seems to care! This is a major issue in my mind, and something CAN be done about it. The first thing to do though, is convince people that there IS a problem. Thus this post:

Excerpts from:
Conrad Black | Nov 10, 2012 12:01 AM ET
Public health and education standards have collapsed (though not those in the private sector); the whole country is being terrorized by a fascistic prosecution service; and the number of food-stamp recipients and the number of people with criminal records are coursing neck and neck toward 50 million apiece, a shocking figure in each case. The wealthiest country in history is bankrupt, with 50 million citizens in poverty and the entire middle class on an economic knife-edge.
In the terrible year of 1968, with 550,000 draftees in Vietnam, 200 to 400 coming back in body bags every week and the assassinations (Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy) and race and anti-war riots all over the country, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan all ran for president. Historically, when America has needed leadership, its greatest leaders have come forward. Not this year.
This president has converted the $10-trillion of national debt accumulated in 232 years of American history (from 1776 to 2008) into $16-trillion now, and has financed most of it by selling bonds to the Treasury’s 100% subsidiary, the Federal Reserve, in exchange for bogus cyber-notes. This violates George Washington’s injunction to defend an indissoluble Union militarily and with a strong currency. It isn’t debt at all; it is just a money supply increase of incendiary inflationary consequences, with a delay-fuse provided by the proportions of the economic slow-down the official extravagance has failed to alleviate, in which the 25% annual gasoline price increase and double-digit food and milk price increases are disguised by collapsed housing prices and minimal interest rates, and the recessionary pricing of manufacturers. It is a giant shell game, but there is nothing under any of the shells.
The United States runs up additional debt of $188-million per hour, this President has added $17,000 of new debt for every man, woman and child in the country, and given no hint of how he proposes to prevent the U.S. currency from becoming toilet paper. And there are five million fewer Americans working than four years ago. The greatest and wealthiest nation in history is sliding into a more profound bankruptcy than any serious country has had since Weimar Germany, and almost the whole country seems to be in a delusional fantasyland. The whole American project is under threat as it has not been since 1933, if not 1861. It had the swiftest ascent, and is now nosing into the steepest dive of any great power in history. 
Nothing short of higher taxes on discretionary transactions to shrink the deficit, lower income taxes to promote growth and recovery, a serious spending review including entitlement reform, a bi-partisan assault on medical costs (more than twice what they are in other advanced countries such as Canada, while providing inferior care for a third of Americans, a state of affairs that will not be much altered by Obamacare); and a radical reconstruction of the education and justice systems, will restart the long-inexorable rise of America. There is no sign of any of this being considered or that it is even politically possible.
Canadians who are rejoicing today should not imagine that the ripples of the American crisis will replicate a day at the beach when the ripples from it land on our shore. There is an opportunity for Canada and Germany and a few other countries that have played their cards relatively wisely (and China is not particularly one of them), but the geopolitical vacuum incarnated by Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and the Republicans who sat the race out, will create a powerful and dangerous vortex. These will be perilous times.

Original article here.