Friday, November 23, 2012

Pregnancy Blues

Oh my! This has been a straight week of major highs and lows! If I wasn't pregnant, I would be seriously concerned about my mental health. But as it is, I try to keep laughing and remind myself that this is not ME, it is the alien wacko hormones waging war against my body and I can conquer them by laughing and smiling. And not saying backbiting mean things (*-*). Or being volcanically reactionary. Or getting overly frustrated about being ridiculously forgetful and confusing appointment times. (Gah).

Oh pregnancy...

One of the best tips I've ever received about pregnancy was when a friend told me how moody she was being one day, and burst out laughing about it. That is good advice. Laugh about it. :D Kind laughter makes most anything better!

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