Sunday, January 6, 2013

Letter to baby, #3. 30-36 weeks

5 November, 2012
Dear baby,
You are two months away from entering the world! Though I haven't really met you yet, I imagine you with quite the personality. First of all you are an amazing gymnast, and your twirls inside of me can be rather startling at times. Sometimes when you are stretching and pushing out against my stomach, daddy or I will put our hand up to yours and push back, and somehow, from the inside out, that tickles me!

30 December 2012
Dear baby,
These last two weeks or so have been the most comfortable since you began kicking enough for me to feel it. Lately it hasn't been nearly as startling, rather, it has been enjoyable! We are 35 weeks along now.

6 January 2013
36 weeks.
Dear baby,
I had my first dream about you, and held you in my arms. You seem so much more real, now. I am excited to meet you, little one, to hold you in my arms and cuddle you. I am excited to be your 'maman'. You're a real little person, and I simply stand all amazed at the wonder and miracle of life.

Though I worried that road tripping for 17 hours would be problematic being this pregnant, it was no problem! Our Christmas vacation was wonderful. Your aunts and uncle that were there all enjoyed feeling you move around in my tummy; they can't wait to meet you!

I have no complaints thus far, I still sleep great, feel great, I haven't had any issues with bladder incontinence, bloating, or swelling feet, and for the most part I still walk normally, if a bit more slowly.  I have noticed a rise in body temperature and using less blankets at night, as well as a recent love of ice chips (I never thought I'd do the ice thing, lol). I am pretty lucky to have such a great pregnancy!

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