Friday, February 1, 2013

8 months pregnant

Week 36 was a bear. I was tired, achy, hungry, too full, sore, uncomfortable when sitting/standing/walking/lying down, and generally felt like an elephant.

I decided something must be done. I wasn't about to spend the next 4 weeks feeling that miserable. And now I feel great! 39 weeks is no problem! So, what changed? Here are some of the things I began:

-I set up chiropractor and massage appointments once a week. The chiropractor was awesome for my hips. I wasn't super sore, but my leg often fell asleep at night and I'd wake up with cranky hips. After getting my hips readjusted, it was all better :).

-I got a pool pass and began swimming laps twice a week. THIS WAS FABULOUS. I think that being in the water is my natural state of being. I didn't feel pregnant anymore, I could still swim all the strokes just like normal, even butterfly! I'm sure there is a bit more drag from my big tummy, but I never noticed it, except when doing backstroke and I looked down and saw my tummy sticking up out of the water, lol.

-I started actually taking all my vitamins. I was doing this a couple months ago, but felt that it contributed to a bladder infection, so I stopped altogether. However, this time around it has seemed to really help with energy levels.
All my vitamins...
This is my daily dose. For someone who has never taken vitamins regularly, I feel like a pill popper.

-I began drinking nettle tea. (This made a big difference!) I was pretty skeptical when my midwives recommended nettle tea. I'm not a big tea drinker. But something in this mix of herbs is magical. I feel so much better and have more energy when I drink a few cups of nettle tea each day.

-I also tried to be a lot more healthy in what I eat: greens and fresh fruit smoothies everyday.

-I stretch out daily. Sometimes it is no more than just stretching my calfs, but often I go through a full-blown stretching routine. I can still mostly do the splits, and I can still rest my hands on the floor when bent over in a standing position. Stretching out is healthy. :)

-What else? hmmm. I guess I just try to live mostly normally still, rather than making excuses for myself. I still shovel the walks and take out the trash and remind myself to 'suck it in' when walking. I do, however, take advantage of the pregnant-woman parking at Superstore!

I have been enjoying doing a bit of what is called "nesting". Preparing the nest for baby. Someone asked me early on what I was doing for "nesting", and I probably looked at them like they were crazy. But lately I have been making sure we have a spot for baby.

Thanks to Aunt Shar for these adorable outfits!! Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. :)
Baby dresses are just so cute.

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  1. Aaah! I'm so excited you're about to become a mother! Congrats! I love you so much : )