Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Higher Laws

I recently attended a 3-day conference.

I went into it expecting it to be about communication for success and Real Estate.

I came out of it realizing it was much more about personal development, communication for Relationship success (with a spouse, child, parent, friend, boss... anyone!), and and keeping myself motivated to become a better person and do great things.  It was a pretty neat experience!

Going into it I had decided I wouldn't up-buy, for several reasons, mostly business reasons. But when I realized it wasn't as much about business, rather, about building successful relationships, I made a different choice. I remember promising myself that when I was married I would invest in parenting classes, and classes to promote a successful relationship with my spouse. Well, this is my first opportunity, and a pretty good one!  I remember watching a friend interact with her 3 year old daughter while at my house for dinner. I remember being very impressed with the way she was able to communicate with her daughter, correct her behavior, and how everyone came out of it happy. This friend had attended the Higher Laws conferences, and was putting into practice what they taught. After attending that first conference, I realized this is what that friend had that I do not. Now I know where to find it though, and I'm excited for the training I'll receive!

Higher Laws and the Life of Abundance teaches about principles that create lasting success in relationships. I'll blog more about it in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

How to Win Friends and Influence People, part III

How to be a good friend, a good conversationalist, and get people to like you:

"People who talk only of themselves think only of themselves. And 'those people who think only of themselves,' Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, said, 'are hopelessly uneducated. They are not educated, no matter how instructed they may be." (p. 88).

"So if you are aspiring to be a good conversationalist,

  • be an attentive listener. 
  • To be interesting, be interested. 
  • Ask questions that other persons will enjoy answering. 
  • Encourage them to talk about themselves and their accomplishments." (p.88).

"You must have a good time meeting people if you expect them to have a good time meeting you." (p. 65).

-Remember people's names, and use them.

-Be excited to see people! Take a lesson from dogs. They are delighted to see their loved ones. Anyone will be pleased with that kind of a reaction when you see them or get a phone call from them.