Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Higher Laws - University 101

Saint George
University 101 - Higher Laws
Relationship Mastery, Mastering Influence

Mr. M and I attended what I can only term a 'self-help' course. Maybe a better name would be 'finishing school.' It was all about successful relationships and communicating with people in ways that would be uplifting and motivating rather than demeaning and unkind, as communications often tend to go...

I wanted to attend this course because I saw it as a great parenting course. I made a commitment to myself when I was a teenager that I would take parenting courses. Being a better person, spouse, and parent every day means a lot to me.
Um, I just like feet pictures. Funny story though, I discovered the hard way
that golf courses dye the grass green. Yup, all that lushness? Fake! It's dyed!
And my feet ended up pretty green for a couple days. :D
Brandon on the right. Brandon Broadwater is the creator of Higher Laws Education.
Some of my favorite lessons from the course are: The forgiveness program. I feel like I have a way to teach my children to say sorry that they can feel good about. (I have been working for several years to overcome my fear of saying sorry).  Also the lesson about Human Needs, and that our actions are the vehicles of those needs. If we have an action that is not good, we can switch up the vehicle and still meet the need. Other highlights are having a family code word, 10 second speed limit (for people who talk too much), managing our state, the hierarchy of relationships, and the Unity triad. Using the word "I" instead of something else when speaking is also an important lesson that was reinforced here. It makes my own my story, and take ownership of my emotions. 

A major Ah-ha moment for me was when we were talking about the Hierarchy of relationships: 
1. God/Universe
2. Self - State
3. Spouse
4. Children
5. Family
6. Others
Brandon put State next to Self, and I realized that if I'm in a bad place emotionally, physically, or mentally, I need to pull in and address me before the others down the chain. Ultimately, doing so will be beneficial to everyone. (Less snapping, anger, and general misery). I've learned this principle before, to take time for myself so I can help other people better, but it just made way more practical sense the way he presented it. And now anger/frustration/snapping will be a trigger for me to take a time out and remember this principle.

It was a great conference!

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